About Us

In 2014 A.D It was came with vision of Mr. Sujan Karki , Mr.Pravin Poudyal and MR. Tulsiram Bhandari, the founders of the company Om Ganapati Industries Pvt. Ltd Established in Ganapur -8, Banke which has been materialized in 2016 A.D by Mr. Sujan karki & Mr. Pravin Poudyal later the Name with Om Panchapuri Industries.

Coming from trading Business background there inherited the art of harboring and capitalizing the basic needs of people of nation and established different trading houses in the western, mid western & Far Western region of Nepal.

This Successful step into different trading business inspired them to go ahead and established manufacturing units for the production of portable water supply & Irrigation products .Observing the basic requirements of people of Hilly Areas for drinking water and irrigation, they decided to start the manufacturing of better related products to the people for betterment of their lifestyles, from rural and urban areas of different locations of Nepal.

The manufacturing and supply of Om Panchapuri Products was ”PANCHAPURI ”HDPE PIPES from O.D 16MM to 250 MM, ”PANCHAPURI ” PVC Pipes of different sizes and ”PANCHAPURI ”Water storage tanks of Different capacity.


  • Focusing over satisfaction of customers & suppliers.
  • Care and compassion for the staffs and employees.
  • Team work collaborative effort.
  • Equal opportunity to human resources development.
  • Social Responsiblity fullfillment.
  • Emphasis on overall transparency.



To bring revolution in plastic piping industry through innovative solutions of drinking water & irrigation problems at urban and hilly areas this would create a profitable growth and benefit our customers & the society at large.


“PANCHAPURI” to be a product with the solution of Drinking Water & Irrigation in Nepal”