‘PANCHAPURI” to be a product with the solution of Drinking Water & Irrigation ”


Pipe fittings, are known as pipe connectors, two pipes are inter connected with each other in order to lengthen the run or change the flow direction in the plumbing system.


Features and Benefits

  • Light weight material
  • Flexibility on handling
  • Watertight joints
  • Safe to use materials
  • Longer lengths
  • Resistance to flames
  • Versatile designs
  • Lower cost of installation
  • 2077 80% 80%
  • 2076 60% 60%
  • 2075 50% 50%
  • 2074 40% 40%

Brand UPVC SWR Fittings

Effective from : 2075/04/01

S.NoItem/productRs./Piece 50mmRs./piece 75mmRs./piece 110mm
1.Couple (Socket)AvAvAv
2.Bend (Elbow) 87.5AvAvAv
3.Bend (Elbow) 45AvAvAv
4.SIngle TeeAvAvAv
5.Pipe ClipAvAvAv
6.Bend (Elbow) 87.5 w/doorAvAv
7.Single door teeAvAv
8.Double teeAvAv
9.Double tee w/doorAvAv
10.Vent CowlAvAv
11.Socket plugAvAv
12.Single YAvAv
13.Single Y w/doorAvAv
14.Double YAvAv
15.Double Y w/doorAvAv
16.Cleaning PipeAvAv
17.Reducer 160x110Av
18.Reducer 110x75Av
19.Multi floor trapAv
20.Nahani trapAv
21.Square title with jailAv
22.Round jail 4"Av


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