Our Quality policy

“Om Panchapuri Industries Private Limited aims excellence for utmost customer satisfaction through the philosophy of total quality management by professionally trained human resources “

Quality Policy

The quality assurance of Om Panchapuri Industries Private Ltd. (OPI) is focused on preventive management philosphy with an approach of proactive cross functional team work. The quality control at OPI begins right from the raw materials stage, with required testing in the Quality control laboratory for the desired physical and chemical properties before charging into the production units.

Similarly proper checks with respect of the quality of the products are done before approving the products for dispatch to various customers. Every consignment is accompanied by test certificate so that relevant analysis is known to customer before use of the product.

OPI has earned a Quality systems of International Standards by getting Certification of NS/ISO 9001: 2000:2059 Quality Management System.

Environmental Policy

A green and clean environment is always a commitment of Om panchapuri Indsutries Pvt. Ltd. towards their employees and the surround community. The environment policy is –

” We at Om panchapuri Industries Pvt. Ltd. are committed to reduce the pollutants and their impact on enviroment on continuous basis through control on processes, resource consumption, technology up gradation and adoption of enviromental safe practices with involvement of all trained employees in addition to complying with relevant environmental legislations and regulations. “

The objectives of the company are:

  • To reduce pollutants in gases/effluents/Soil.
  • To reduce solid wastes.
  • Efficent use and disposal of solid waste.
  • Develoment of green belt in and around the plant.